The history of the creation of eSports

Computer sport takes its history in the 70s of the last century. However, the first events were held on a game console. Passed attendance at Stanford University, and attracted attention to beer.

The first rise of esports in 1980. This year a tournament was held in which 1000 players took part. Major game console makers Sega Genesis and Nintendo have seen the future of esports and have taken it upon themselves to get people involved in video games in every possible way.

Active development of eSports

The real breakthrough of e-sports and the beginning of its active development was revealed after the discovery of the Internet in the 90s. Thanks to him, who received a large number of users for eSports, the player got the opportunity to compete in the legendary Warcraft game.

During these years, a series of tournaments were held, and some groups of people began to form gaming clubs. Their task was to bring together active players, video games and distribute them around the world. Also in the 90s there were games of Counter-Strike and Quake.

Esports is a universally recognized sport, officially recognized in almost all countries. However, the first country to officially recognize esports is South Korea. In it, in the 2000s, a real boom in e-sports was discovered. Adult men, schoolchildren and other people who are not indifferent to video games and visit video clubs. They spent almost all their free time in them.

Tournaments held in online clubs were broadcast over the Internet, which stimulated the development of this sport. Started in 2000, the most popular game providers, held annual competitions with prize funds. The most prestigious leagues of that time were considered: Dota 2 and League of Legends.

In 2016, the World Esports Association was created. Esports is firmly entrenched in social life around the world. In modern games, prizes reach fabulous amounts and gradually increase. At the moment, the turnover of eSports exceeds hockey or basketball. Thus, modern e-sportsmen draw attention to large elections, video game viewers have the opportunity to hit the jackpot simply by understanding the chosen game.