How to bet on esports

Esports is considered one of the most popular sports for betting. However, many users do not know how to bet on eSports and what you need to know for this. In this article, we will analyze the intricacies of this activity

Game selection

There are a large number of virtual games that are broadcast all over the world and on which you can bet. If you have a powerful enough computer, you can try to play each of them. This will allow you to better understand the process of the game and delve into its features. Also, most successful bets are made by players who play it themselves. Lack of understanding of the rules of the game can lead to loss of money.

Experienced players identify three games for esports betting:

  • Dota2;
  • Cs:Go;
  • Virtual basketball.

The choice of games will depend on the preferences of the player, however, to make the choice easier, they can be sorted into the following categories:

  • Time of the round and the game itself;
  • Unique conditions for victory;
  • Intensity of coefficient change.

It is worth noting that one Dota2 round can be up to 40 minutes long, which is long enough if you need to make a large number of bets per day. In this case, it is better to choose CS:GO, as the round length is only 15 minutes.

Also in CS:GO, the coefficient changes faster. Which is very convenient. If you guess the further outcome of the round, you can bet on the lagging team at a good odds, and when it wins back, win a decent amount.

What do you bet on in esports?

Betting on esports, like on other types, has its own unique outcomes. However, most of them are familiar and can be found in almost all lines. We can distinguish the following outcomes in eSports that players bet on:

  • Winning a match;
  • Lead in points;
  • Winner of the round;
  • Total total;
  • Total per round;
  • Total over or under.

Some players study the chosen game and place bets on a specific outcome. Thus, they minimize losses in the absence of knowledge.

How to place a bet?

To start betting on esports, you need to choose a bookmaker, register with it and top up your balance. Most offices have a built-in video player, which allows you to monitor the situation in the game and at the same time make an instant bet.

After completing all the previous procedures, you can start betting. If you’re interested in a specific game, you can use the search field to find a match by name. You can also open the lines and see the current list of matches. After clicking on the game, you just need to select the desired outcome, specify the amount and place a bet.